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Pumping at Residential Sites

Concrete Boom Pump

mom made with cranes 450"MOM".  Our boom pumps placed to spell out MOM in honor of Mothers Day.  Our boom pump is ideal if you need to pump over tall obstacles or need to pump to the upper floors of a building.   Here we configured our boom pumps to spell out "mom".  We ran a contest with a prize for the first person who identified the location of the pumps.

When ordering concrete, one (1) inch aggregate would be good.  For best results, we recommend a Pea gravel mix, which would be considered a 3/8 mix.  We don't pump 1.5 inch aggregate mix concrete.

Call us at 713-489-7862 if you need concrete in hard to reach areas.

Job start times of 7:00 am or earlier or 1:00 pm.

See the boom trucks actual specifications.  We have boom pumps that are 28m. 36m and 48m.

Typical Reasons to Pump Concrete

concrete pumped through garage to backyard

The following are the typical reasons concrete is pumped at Industrial Jobs.

  • The volume of concrete is too much to wheel barrow.
  • The reasons concrete can't be wheel-barrowed include too hard and dangerous slopes or stairs (either up or down)
  • There are cleanliness issues, such as recent landscaping, fences, wet ground, small space to maneuver.
  • Concrete needs to be delivered indoors such as a basement.  Concrete pump hose can easily go through a window.
  • Overhead power lines prevent the use of boom concrete pump. Concrete line pump hose runs along the ground, not impeded by power lines.

Pumping Versus Wheel Barrow

pumping grout into concrete block wallA yard of concrete weighs approximately 3500 lbs.  A strong person can move between 150 lbs and 250 lbs of concrete in a wheel barrow.  Therefore to pour a yard of concrete is going to take between 15 and 25 trips with a wheel barrow. If the ground is hard and flat, and if you have "strong" workers, that can be done.  However, what if there are six yards or 30 yards of concrete to pour (150 to 750 trips with a wheel barrow).  What if the ground is wet?  What if the ground is sloped?  What if it is 150 feet from the truck to the pour area?  What if there is a narrow passage that would not allow two wheel barrows to pass at the same time?  What if you can't find the proverbial "strong" workers to help you pour the concrete? What if the pour area is on the second floor or higher.

Call Six Brother in Houston if you need a higher volume of concrete to be poured or if there are reasons you can't delivery the concrete using wheel barrows.

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