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Boom concrete pumping or line pumping in Houston Metro Area.  Call now for a quote. Specify if you would like the morning slot of 7:00 am (or earlier) or the afternoon start time of 1:00 PM.

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Concrete Line Pump

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Our line pump is maneuverable, light and efficient. Here we are parked in a driveway on a busy street.  The lots are fairly narrow, so there is not much room to have a couple people operating wheel barrows to get the concrete in the back of this Galveston house.  Secondly, the pour here was substantial and it would have taken a small army of wheel barrow pushers to move the concrete to the back.

When ordering concrete, one (1) inch aggregate would be good.  For best results, we recommend a Pea gravel mix, which would be considered a 3/8 mix.  We don't pump 1.5 inch aggregate mix concrete.

Call us at (713) 489-7862 if you need concrete in hard to reach areas.

Job start times of 7:00 am or earlier or 1:00 pm.

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  713-489-7862 - Call now to get on the schedule. Specify if you would like the morning slot of 7:00 am (or earlier) or the afternoon start time of 1:00 PM

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Call and we will be there with our trailer pump or boom pump to pump concrete, grout or whatever you need moved. We will help you move your product anywhere in the Houston area and south to Galveston.  All of Six Brothers operators are ACPA Certified (American Concrete Pumping Association).

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Concrete Pumping Serving the entire Houston Metro Area including Galveston,Texas City, Santa Fe, Seabrook, Kemah, Dickinson, El lago, Alvin, Friendswood, Bacliff, League City, Bayou, Vista, Jamaica Beach, Bolivar Peninsula, Manville, Rosharon, Webster,  Clear Lake, Hitchcock and more.

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